Saturday, 27 September 2008


On 25th September 2008, I hosted the final Shangwe Poetry Night at The Poetry Café, Covent Garden, London. The theme for the show was ‘Journeys’. This special event featured two poets: Christine Bell and Ursula Troche with five open mic performers: J C Abraham, Jennifer, Christopher, Julie and Mark.

Whilst we were being entertained with superb, quality spoken word performances, we dipped into a box of home made cakes, courtesy of Christine Bell who got these gems whipped up at 5am that morning!

I felt a mixture of pleasure and pensiveness as it was such a goose pimply evening for me made even more emotional by Christine Bell’s finale poem highlighted below:

Farewell to Shangwe

Sweet celebration mixed with sadness
Saying farewell to Shangwe
So many connections forged
Friendships fostered
A kinship of those who care for creativity

The speciality of Shangwe will endure
Open atmosphere allowing
a freedom of expression without fear
Rich diversity forming a fabric
of shape and sound
Magical power of personal stories
Unfolding in rhythm and rhyme
Enriching the gathering

Heartfelt thanks to our Nicole
Creator of Shangwe, keeping things going
Encouraging others to blossom
No ending really but sweet certainty
of the birth of something even more beautiful

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