Sunday, 16 August 2009

New African Woman

I have to give thanks to my writing buddy Christine Collymore for informing me about the New African Woman Magazine she had seen in her local newsagents in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, especially as its first issue included two articles of particular interest to my current work on my Shangwe Hair & Skin Anthology, 'The politics of Black Women's hair' and 'What is the ideal Black Beauty? (the cover story). Those two pieces alone inspired me to rush to my local newsagents to track down a copy. However, this proved an almost impossible mission and I was at a loss as to why, in London of all places, I couldn't see this magazine in the shops!

Being a woman of substance I wasn't going to give up easily. Eventually, I ordered a copy from IC Publications and discovered that it may be easier to just subscribe rather than all this chasing around. I received my copy of New African Woman yesterday and all I can say is it was well worth the wait and little hassle getting hold of a copy. Yes, indeed, this first issue is very impressive. The Editor, Regina Jere-Malanda states her decision to launch the magazine as:

"We passionately believe that even though the publishing world is swamped with all sorts of women's publications, African women still have difficulty finding magazines that seriously tackle issues pertaining to their lifestyle, beauty, fashion and cultural needs. Where available, most women's publications target either the Caucasian, African-American or Caribbean markets, and give little coverage - or no coverage at all - to issues that pertain to the indigenous African woman and those in its Diaspora."

Now having read the magazine, Regina is spot on. I loved browsing the beautifully laid out pages full of colourful fashion & design, celebrity interviews, a special focus on Africa's women of influence, and a man's viewpoint on 'Say No to Sexual Objectification Full Stop! was particularly insightful reading. There is much more so I recommend you rush out and pick up a copy.

New African Woman Magazine is £4.00 per back issue and £16.00 for a one year subscription. However, it's £2.00 in the shops!
Contact: IC Publications on: 020 8950 9117