Saturday, 4 December 2010

EGA School Visit

On 30th November, as part of research for my new collection of poems and personal essays, I visited my old secondary school, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language School for Girls formerly called Starcross.

I was given the opportunity of a 50-minute session with Year 9 students, aged 13, during their English lesson, courtesy of English teacher, Teresa Osubonsu. I began by discussing my school life experiences with the students, particularly the stark difference in opportunities that I was challenged with when I moved, at the age of 13, to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I went on to discuss my past and current writing projects.

The visit was a great experience with lots of student participation. One bright spark asked me whether I would be paying a visit to do research on the secondary school I attended in Wellingborough, so as to compare both schools, which I had thought about but was hesitant, wondering what it would achieve. However, I now think it would be of interest just to have a fair and up-to-date perspective on both schools.

To show my appreciation for this opportunity, I donated a copy of my recent anthology Hair Power Skin Revolution to EGA's school library.