Saturday, 12 June 2010

Shangwe's 3rd Book Launch

On the evening of 11th June 2010, Shangwe's 3rd anthology Hair Power Skin Revolution was launched. The event was held at Edmonton Green Library, North London. Over 50 people attended, including 20 anthology contributors and their friends and family.

The Launch Host, award-winning Akuba Quansah, led the evening by providing an In Conversation style of interview with me, covering questions on my inspiration for the book, my role as editor, links with the previous two anthologies, insights gained through the contributions, the publishing process and my future aspirations. Akuba then invited questions from the audience.

Six anthology contributors - Christine Collymore, Nicola Greenwood, Tracy Henry, Michelle Hubbard, Bola Odeyemi and Akuba Quansah then read their poems, which brought their contributions to life to a well received audience.

Wine and light refreshments were then served, courtesy of Edmonton Green Library, and networking followed. I enjoyed the night alot, particularly meeting the contributors and their guests and felt we all participated and celebrated in true Shangwe style.

Photos in ascending order:
Akuba Quansah & Nicole Moore
Michelle Hubbard
Christine Collymore
Nicola Greenwood
Tracy Henry
Bola Odeyemi
Akuba Quansah

Photos courtesy of Ursula Troche and Yolande Deane.


  1. Hi Nicole

    What a great launch it was - a real celebration. I felt very proud to be a part of it all. It was also inspiring to hear you talking about the publishing process for Hair Power Skin Revolution, from the initial vision, commissioning, editing of submissions etc right through to the marketing and distribution of the finished book. HPSR will, I'm sure, strike a chord with so many women out there, so let's all help to spread the word!

    Fiona x

  2. Hi Fiona
    Thank you for your positive feedback. I'm so glad you enjoyed being a part of our celebration and yes, lets keep the word going!

  3. I'm sorry to have missed what sounds like a fantastic event! Well done!! Patsy x

  4. Hi Patsy,
    Yes, and I missed you! Thanks for your good wishes.

  5. Hi Nicole,

    The pictures recapture such powerful perfomances that I witnessed that evening. It was a pleasant and entertaining night and also a good networking event.
    The book Hair Power- Skin Revolution is very topical to the extent of todays 16/6 Chanel 4 news discussion.
    I have been inspired by other contributors writings and glad to be among. I encourage other women to be empowered and entertained by this book.

    Amanda E

  6. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the feedback and yes you're right, this book is a particularly timely publication!